Doctor and Patient



Premier Medical Access
doctors cover over 80 medical
specialty areas.

Our doctors are
US Board Certified
or Eligible.

Our doctors are considered
to be leaders in Puerto Rico in
their medical specialty.

Schedule an appointment
within two business days of your
initial call to us and see your doctor at the scheduled time.

    Better Medical Care

  • PMA’s Network of doctors are considered to be leaders in their field.

  • PMA’s Network of doctors are U.S. Board Certified and U.S Board Eligible.

  • Unhurried medical visit with higher level of personalized care.

  • Your medical issue is addressed promptly giving you peace of mind and a course of action for treatment.

   Faster Medical Attention

  • Our doctors agree to see Premier Medical Access members within two business days of your initial call to us.

  • PMA doctors agree to see you at your scheduled appointment time.

  • No more extended waits in germ-filled reception areas.

    Increase Productivity,
     Reduce Disruption

  • Reliably plan your day.

  • Heighten office productivity. Avoid having to cancel meetings.

  • No need to pull children out of school for an entire day.


–      Allergists
–      Anesthesiology
–      Anti-aging
–      Audiology
–      Breast Surgery
–      Cardiology
–      Cardiology – Intervention
–      Chiropractor
–      Chiropractor Pediatrics

–      Colorectal Surgery
–      Dentistry
–      Dermatology
–      Dermatology-surgical
–      Endocrinology
–      Emergency Medicine
–      Facial Plastic Surgery
–      Family Medicine
–      Gastroenterology

–      General Surgery
–      General Invasive Surgery
–      Head & Neck Surgery
–      Hematology-Oncology
–      Internal Medicine
–      Neurosurgery

–     Laparoscopic Surgery
–     Maxillo Facial Surgery
–     Nephrology

–     Neurology
–     OB/GYN
–     Oncology
–     Opthamology
–     Oral, Maxilofacial, Facial, Cosmetic Surgery
–     Orthopedic Surgery
–     Orthopedic Surgery – Hand
–     Orthopedic Surgery – Elbow, Shoulder

–     Orthopedic Surgery – Sports
–     Otolaryngology – Head, Neck Surgery
–     Otolaryngology – Larynology
–     Otolaryngology – Rhinology
–     Otolaryngology – Otology
–     Pain Management and Funtion
–     Pediatrics
–     Pediatric Gastroenterology
–     Pediatric Otolaryngology

–     Pediatric Surgery
–     Perinatology
–     Physical and Medical Rehabilitation
–     Physical Therapy

–     Plastic Craniofacial Surgery
–     Plastic Surgery
–     Pneumology, Pulmonary, Internal, Critical Care Medicine
–     Pneumology, Sleeping Disorder
–     Podiatrist

–     Proctology
–     Psychologist
–     Psychiatry
–     Pulmonary – Critical Care
–     Radiology
–     Radiology – Neuroradiology
–     Radiology – Womens’ Imaging
–     Retinology – Opthalmology
–     Rehabilitation

–     Rheumatology
–     Rheumatology – Pediatric
–     Urology
–     Urology – Surgery


Premier Medical Access provides superior healthcare through specialized access to Puerto Rico’s leading medical specialists.
When members join Premier Medical Access, as part of the enrollment process, members may elect to complete a medical history on each family member. When a member needs to see a doctor, the member calls Premier Medical Access during our office hours (8am – 6pm) Monday through Friday. Our Premier Medical Access nurse technician will take down your information and description of your ailment. We will then find the specialist you need among our network of doctors. Your appointment with the specialist will be within 48 hours of your initial call to us.
When you arrive at the doctor’s office for your scheduled appointment, you will present your Premier Medical Access card to the receptionist. Your waiting room experience will be streamlined because Premier Medical Access will have sent your medical files and insurance information to the doctor’s office in advance of your visit. As a member of Premier Medical Access, you will receive a high level of personal attention during an unhurried doctors’ visit at your scheduled appointment time.